Zurnaki "Naki" Tarchain is a hobgoblin fighter. He is played by Jason.

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Naki joined the party after the request of Volothamp to investigate his friend's disappearance.

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  • Handaxe
  • Dagger
  • Katana (re-skinned Two-Handed Longsword)

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  • Being the only character so far to interact with a fish in session, Naki has been dubbed the honorary title of "fish fucker" by Entropy. Jason has noted that Naki enjoys sushi, he has given no comment on if he fucks fish but it is unlikely.
  • Naki is currently the only "monstrous" character in the party.
    • Despite this, he was the only character to actively socially-engage the guards initially after they discovered the party in the raided cult building.
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