The party met one another during an evening at the Inn of the Yawning Portal. Impressed by their combat abilities, they were hired by Volothamp to find his friend. They currently have no established team name.



The party was hired by Volothamp to investigate the disappearance of his friend. This is the first instance of the group deciding to work together officially.

Character History Edit

As of current knowledge, Galin and Ophelia are the only characters known to have any interaction before the campaign's start, though the history is said to have been very brief and to have ended with Galin standing Ophelia up on a date due to ship issues.

Trivia Edit

  • Knocked-Out Tally (no session has gone without a character going unconscious, specially no session has gone without the first round of combat resulting in a character falling unconscious)
    • Charles: 0
    • Galin: 0
    • Halani: 1
    • Kray: 1
    • Zurnaki: 0
    • Ophelia: 0
    • Ree: 1
    • Taliesin: 0
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