Taliesin is a human cleric. He is played by Ashe, a beautiful person.

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Taliesin joined the party after being convinced by Halani to join with the reward of significant coin.

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Taliesin asked the party if any of them recognized a man in a photo he carried. None of the party was able to identify the man. It is likely this man holds some form of significance to Taliesin, though it is unclear whether is is a positive or a negative one.

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  • Smoking Pipe
  • Photo of a Mysterious Man

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  • Breath Weapon (Fire)

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  • Sacred Flame
  • Spare the Dying
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  • Cure Wounds
  • Healing Word

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  • "Zzzz...."
  • "I hope you guys aren't allergic to smoke." (said while lighting a pipe)

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the party consisting of eight people, Taliesin is currently the team's primary healer. Ashe was originally brought into the campaign in order fill the lack of there being any technical healers in the party.
    • Galin is currently the only other character capable of healing, however as a 1st-level paladin, he will only be able to heal 5 hit points with Lay On Hands until the party levels up.
    • Between Galin's high AC and discussions of Taliesin being a Life domain cleric, the duo's Healer Dynamic looks to potentially be Galin acting as a shield with Taliesin staying behind doing damage control.
  • Taliesin's ability for being able to perform a Breath Weapon attack currently doesn't have an explanation.
  • Taliesin was the only party member who wasn't present for the initial meeting of Volothamp.
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