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The party discovered an alarm system in the empty cult house, but determined it to lead somewhere outside of the building and decided to abandon it. After an evening of drinking and chicken-related chaos, they rested and embark to the sewers where the trapped man informed them Xanathar's Guild took Floon.

Exploring the premise, the party was attacked by goblins, and met a frightened wererat named Rosco who was hiding out from the city above. Pointing them in the direction of Xanathar's Guild, the party proceeded north through the mucky tunnels. Further in, they found the man who'd begun the bar fight from the other night, and knocked him unconscious and tied him up. After Galin spotted a strange dark dwarven man (discovered to be a Deurgar) vanishing from sight, the party braced for the second man to reappear. He did, twice the size as he was before, and the session closed just as the party readied themselves against this giant.