As the campaign starts, a fight breaks out in the Yawning Portal inn. Members of the not-yet formed campaign party walk over to investigate just as the fighting ends and the aggressors flee. As the moment calms, a troll and various strigs appear from the hole in the center of the inn. After defeating the sudden monsters, Volothamp asks the team to help find his friend. They agree and spend the night getting familiar with one another, and the next day embark into the Dock Ward to find more information about Floon and his disappearance.

On the way to the Skewered Dragon, the party stops by The Old Xoblob Shop and purchases a few items including a purple Bag of Holding. After, they find the tavern and learn that Volothamp's friend met up with the son of the former mayor. The barhand informs them that they may have gotten jumped by a group of men wearing snake armor when they took their leave that evening. The armor was known to hold connections with a cult present in town, and the party determined their next step was to investigate the believed base of operations for the group to learn more and potentially find Floon.

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