Ree Chauntea is a tiefling monk. She is played by Entropy.

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Ree joined the party after the request of Volothamp to investigate his friend's disappearance.

Ophelia Edit

Ophelia is the first tiefling Ree has ever met, and instantly formed a bond with her. Ree regards her as a "big sister", despite being bigger than her.

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  • Tan cloak with a rose and wheat icon on the back
  • Sickle

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  • Martial Arts (1d4)

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  • "I wish I was awake for that!" (Regarding most things that happened during the troll fight)

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  • Ree was the first character in the campaign to go unconscious, after taking a single hit from a troll that wiped through all her hit points.
  • Ree made the first roll of the campaign, which was a 14 Insight check to determine if some new bar patrons looked like bad business.
  • Entropy has mentioned that it was very in character the Ree got knocked out immediately.
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