Ophelia is a tiefling cardcaster. She is played by Foxy.

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Ophelia joined the party after the request of Volothamp to investigate his friend's disappearance.

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Ophelia and Galin are the only two party members to have had any established relationships prior to the campaign's start. Based on a conversation shared, it was noted that Galin had asked Ophelia out on a date, but then never showed. While upset by this, Galin's appearance and explanation appeared to quell her anger. She has taken up a protective relationship of him.

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Ophelia and Ree met at the Yawning Portal, where Ophelia gave her a reading. According to Ree, Ophelia is the first tiefling she has ever met. Ree regards Ophelia as a "big sister", despite Ophelia being much smaller than her.

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  • Deck of Tarot Cards
  • Purple Bag of Holding (bought at a Beholder Thrift Shop)

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The Cardcaster class is a homebrew class based around tarot cards.

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  • Focus Card (Page of Wands)
    • Seeds of Possibility

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  • Minor Illusion
  • Produce Flame
1 - The Magician Edit
  • Burning Hands
  • Create or Destroy Water
  • Detect Magic
  • Floating Disc
  • Silent Image
  • Unseen Servant

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  • Ophelia is currently the shortest member of the party and has the smallest AC of 9.
    • Despite being the most vulnerable character, Ophelia is the most outwardly protective of the party, particularly of Ree during combats and Galin outside of combat, regardless of the risks it poses her.
  • Of the revealed character classes, Ophelia is the only character playing a homebrew class.
  • She has given two members of the party tarot readings, Galin and Ree. Both have had Wand cards appear in their results, however Ree only had a Wand in her Past, while Galin had one in his Present and his Future.
    • Both Entropy and Sema have stated that these readings have hit remarkably accurate points for their character's backstories.
  • While it has been stated that Ophelia's Focus Card is the Page of Wands, Ophelia performed both the Mage Hand and the Ray of Frost cantrips during session one, both cantrips which are reserved for the Queen of Cups and Knight of Swords Focus Cards.
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