Halani Elisedottir Athlassan is a wood elf barbarian. She is played by Cass.

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Halani joined the party after the request of Volothamp to investigate his friend's disappearance.

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  • Greataxe
  • Javelin

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  • Fleet of Foot

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  • Rage

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  • While Galin and Halani haven't had much interaction in the campaign, Cass refers to the duo as "bash buddies". Ironically, neither characters have remarkable Strength scores.
  • Halani's first impressions of the party:
    • Galin: weird but Same Hat
    • Ree: a baby
    • Ophelia: what's my FUTURE??
    • Charles: human. -_-
    • Tal: lazy human
    • Naki: fish fucker
    • Kary(? I suck at names): ??whomst??
  • Halani was the second character to fall unconscious during a first round of combat, continuing the trend of the party having a single character fall unconscious during the first round of a combat.
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