Charles Auguste is a human sorcerer. He is played by Zack.

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The party's local rich-bitch.

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Charles joined the party after the request of Volothamp to investigate his friend's disappearance.

Son of the Former Mayor Edit

While talking with the barmaid of the Skewered Dragon, Charles noted that he knew the son of the former mayor, who'd been voted out of office for embezzling half a million dragons from the city. No details have been given on their relationship.

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  • Fancy Ring of some significance (forgot what it was called)
  • Darts

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  • Magic Missile
  • Witch Bolt

Quotes Edit

  • "I don't want to participate but I do want to watch!" (when seeing a bar fight break out)
  • "Okay, now I need to set down my wine." (preparing to cast Witch Bolt at a spriage)
  • "I'm affable!" (to Halani, who doesn't trust him)

Trivia Edit

  • Charles's profile picture is the only one that's physical painting.
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